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Layer M

Secure Data Driven Intelligence

Cobalt collects the enterprise data from any monitoring source and Layer M continuously analyzes the data to provide actionable information.  As needed,this intelligence is sent to existing tools in the enterprise network.  Layer M is Cobalt’s Intelligence Module which provides actionable intelligence that can be used to answer key strategic questions about the network infrastructure and planning, including:

  • What IP ranges are being used?
  • Is network traffic being routed with least hops?
  • What are the implications to the network (latency and bandwidth) of placing a server in a specific data center?
  • What are the existing entry and egress points for access to and from the Internet?
  • Where should we place Intrusion Detection sensors on our global network?
  • What is the best approach for data location for a given application?
  • What is the business risk for a network failure at a given site?
  • Where do we need network redundancy?
  • Where are the bottlenecks on the network?
  • What are the network implications of adding a new site to support?
  • What are the network implications of changing access for a given site or sites?
network engineer admin at data center

Cobalt and Layer M leverage existing infrastructure assets and tools to continuously collect and analyze data.  As your network transforms to adopt dynamic workflows and enabling technologies, Cobalt provides secure insight, control and response.