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Security Platform

Unmatched security with chunking and encryption

The innovative Secrata Enterprise Data Security Platform was built from the ground up to provide four key capabilities:

Harden data security

Harden data security for mobility, cloud and big data workflows

Ensure security, control, privacy

Ensure security, control, privacy and compliance for enterprise data

Easily integrate with key infrastructure

Easily integrate with key infrastructure assets and data repositories

Easy deployment

Easy deployment for private clouds, hybrid clouds, and on premises deployments

Secrata’s™ is an enterprise data security platform built to protect data across cloud, big data and mobile workflows. Secrata’s patented technology protects data both at rest and over the wire, across platforms, devices and storage locations. Secrata offers the enterprise multiple products to address the many challenges of securely moving and managing data in today’s complex environments.

Secrata also offers a robust suite of API’s to support easy integration of data repositories, legacy applications and infrastructure assets, as well as easy implementation of customized workflows. Reference implementations are provided with full documentation and support.


Multiple Modules

The Secrata Platform offers security hardening for data and workflows through multiple modules. Each module provides the building blocks for the enterprise to secure and control data across its infrastructure and wide area internet regardless of the device or system being used.


Secrata’s foundation is a highly innovative security engine that “hides” the data as it is moved and stored. Before data or files are transferred using Secrata, they are separated into configurable chunks. Each chunk is then encrypted using a unique key, and chunks and keys are never transmitted or stored in the same place. This unique process ensures that data and files are never vulnerable to attack because they cannot be reassembled by unauthorized users. The widespread vulnerabilities of SSL are rendered meaningless, because Secrata does not rely on SSL. Secrata’s patented technology ensures that files and data remain chunked and encrypted from the point of origin to the point of destination for true end-to-end security.

This unmatched security can easily protect files and data as it moves in and out of the enterprise securing the cloud, big data and mobile workflows. The enterprise can now security data assets regardless of where the data lives and how it is shared.

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