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Powerful Enterprise Solution

Enterprise data security platform

Secrata is an enterprise data security platform developed to address the security gaps created by device and cloud adoption

  • “Hides” data through patented chunking and encryption
  • Not subject to SSL/TLS exploits
  • Secures data shared from desktop, mobile and web (end-to-end)
  • Maps to the enterprise workflow by supporting any cloud infrastructure, 3rd party applications, storage and security infrastructure

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Flexible Deployment:

  • Any Cloud infrastructure
  • Hybrid cloud
  • On-premise
  • Can be fully virtualized instance

Industry tested


Secrata is a cloud agnostic military grade solution


  • Secure enterprise data end-to-end
  • Flexible deployment
  • Maintain compliance
  • Own all encryption keys
  • Reduce exchange server load
  • Eliminate file size and format restrictions
  • Automate workspace management
  • Manage, control and audit all enterprise data
  • Secure FTP replacement
  • Robust API to easily integrating with existing enterprise infrastructure assets