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Your Enterprise Data Is Never In The Clear

From the point of origin to the point of destination, your data remains shredded and encrypted, making it impervious to any form of SSL/TLS exploitation.  All other file sync & share solutions decrypt on the server and then send the data over SSL.  Secrata also ensures every feature of the solution adheres to strict security while ensuring the user experience is simple and productive.  Secrata was built from the ground up as an enterprise solution to provide unmatched security across all devices and storage locations, protecting data as it moves within and without the enterprise.

Secrata Security:

  • Enterprise data is never in the clear
  • The enterprise owns the keys regardless of deployment configuration
  • Client side shredding & encryption for iOS, Android and the web browser
  • NOT subject to any SSL/TLS exploits
  • Each shred of data has its own unique keys
  • 3 layers of encryption plus separation

Integrates With Key Infrastructure assets

Metadata Collection

  • Extend metadata collected from files (keywords, titles, etc)
  • Generate summaries from file content

Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware

  • Pass all incoming and outgoing files through enterprise malware detectors
  • Client-side checking supported
  • Can support Server-side checking

DLP Integration

  • Use Enterprise DLP systems to classify files and tag them to inform usage and routing behavior in the Secrata Platform