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22 May


EFSS – 2

May 22, 2015 | By |

Secrata offers the most powerful, innovative and secure EFSS solution on the market so the enterprise can confidently move and manage data.

Unmatched Security: File chunking and multi-layer encryption, over the wire and at rest, files are “chunked” and individually encrypted and can only be reassembled by an authorized recipient with specific encryption keys

Secure Attach: Secrata seamlessly integrates with Outlook enabling the user to maintain their workflow. The email content and attachment are chunked and encrypted from the point of origin to the point of destination. Secrata handles everything, removing attachments from the mail server and allows files of any size and format to be securely shared.

Secure ad-hoc sharing: Secrata offers chunking and encryption in the browser to ensure ad-hoc users also receive end-to-end security. This is essential for the enterprise to securely work with vendors and partners outside their network. The user can also edit in the browser and once saved back to Secrata, the system ensures that any copy of the file is removed from the desktop.

Authentication: All individuals must be invited and authenticated before accessing any files. Secrata Integrates with Active Directory, ADFS and SAML Supports 2 factor authentication.

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