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22 May


EFSS – 3

May 22, 2015 | By |

Secrata’s enterprise data security platform offers unmatched security of data end-to-end, across devices—flexibly, reliably, easily

Secrata keeps IT in control by providing scalable, flexible and secure access for users across devices and content locations. Secrata offers security hardening for data workflows through multiple modules. The platform also provides an open API to allow each enterprise to customize workflows and integrate legacy applications.

EFSS Security
Encryption Is Not Enough
Enterprise data must be secure and accessible—tough challenges, each, and today’s enterprise must ensure that their information sharing environments both protect data and allow collaborative access for a rapidly evolving range of users, devices, and services. Specifically, secure, reliable data sharing must perform for global user bases, across computing environments with different security levels, support mobile and BYO (bring your own) devices, and integrate cloud and local services. Enter Secrata.

Safeguard against data breaches
News coverage of big data breaches seem to be occurring daily proving that data encryption alone is inadequate to these challenges. Secrata ensures data security and accessibility by providing an innovative and tightly designed infrastructure for moving data and files within and across enterprises and the cloud, on network, home, and mobile devices. Secrata is a modular platform, comprising a seamless infrastructure for controlled and flexible data movement. Secrata provides the best-in-class security, control and insight for sharing & syncing enterprise files.

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