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Secrata updates and highlights

August 3, 2016

Bitcoin drops 20% after $70M worth of Bitcoin was stolen from Bitfinex exchange

Bitfinex, one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges online, has suffered a major hack. The company has posted a note...
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August 2, 2016

Black Hat survey reveals critical security concerns facing enterprises

Black Hat has released the results of its 2016: The Rising Tide of Cybersecurity Concern report, revealing some critical concerns...
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July 26, 2016

Inside the Sony Breach

Security vendor Novetta recently led an independent investigation into the 2014 Sony breach. What lessons were learned, and how do...
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July 22, 2016

High-Severity OpenSSL Vulnerability Allows Hackers to Decrypt HTTPS Traffic

OpenSSL has released a series of patches against six vulnerabilities, including a pair of high-severity flaws that could allow attackers...
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July 20, 2016

Code-Hooking Flaws Affect Millions of Office Users

Security products haven't been inspiring a lot of confidence lately. A growing batch of research has shown that security software...
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June 23, 2016

LinkedIn data breach blamed for multiple secondary compromises

The LinkedIn compromise has been linked to a number of confirmed incidents where data exfiltration has taken place. It's possible...
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June 17, 2016

Hacker Steals 45 Million Records from 1,100 Home, Sports and Tech Support Forums, a company that runs multiple support forums on various topics, has suffered a massive data breach in February 2016...
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June 13, 2016

Twitter Locks Out Millions After Data Breach

Late last week, a password leak hit Twitter, and the company locked millions of user accounts as a result. Read...
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June 10, 2016

New Report Shows IRS Failed to Notify 100,000 Taxpayers on Data Breach

According to a new report from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, the IRS failed to notify some taxpayers...
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June 10, 2016

Enterprises Not Ready To Tackle Data Breach Incidents: Study

Despite the increasing number of data breaches and more than 3.9 billion data records worldwide being lost or stolen since...
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