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colbalt-logo-v1-01As your enterprise moves towards cloud and mobility enabled workflows, critical decisions must be addressed to optimize your network and work force productivity.

Cobalt works with your existing infrastructure tools to securely aggregate and analyze data from multiple collection points. Critical asset and resource decisions benefit from near real-time data driven knowledge that is continuously collected, analyzed and acted upon.
Everything connected to your network, including cloud services and linkages, have a story to tell. Cobalt learns from all things that impact an enterprise network, providing insight, control and data driven automated response.

Sub head: Cobalt provides a visualization layer that gives the Enterprise and its users data driven insight and control to optimize network performance and work force productivity.

Data Collection & Analysis Points:

  1. Network Bandwidth Consumed
    • By Locations
    • By route
    • Across the carrier links / MPLS
      • Network / Application Protocols
        • O365
        • Skype
        • Video
        • FTP
  1. Network Usage patterns
    • Peak bandwidth by hour
      • 24 hour usage
      • Burst/Spike with duration
      • Break out usage patterns with Protocols
    • Latency recorded
      • From office location to server
      • Between discovered systems
      • Video source to end point
      • Server to server
      • Application to application
  1. Network switch/router/gateway/WAP usage
    • Total Switch CPU usage –
    • Port usage
    • Uplink usage
    • Backplane usage
    • Is the hardware / switches / routers / Gateways current models (EOL)
    • What goes EOL in 12 – 24 and 36+ months?
      • Compare usage of “pare” devices
      • Is switch 1 usage significantly higher than sister switch 2
    • Hardware Faults
    • Hardware check-sum errors – dropped packets – other errors
  1. Firewall performance
    • Number of packets inspected
    • Number of packets per port NIC
    • Bandwidth on each firewall port / NIC
    • Latency introduced by Firewall inspection
    • Firewall rules per Firewall device
    • Firewall appliance performance – CPU – Memory – inspection rate
  1. IP subnet
    • Distribution of IP subnets