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23 Jul


Ad hoc sharing – top

July 23, 2016 | By |

In-browser Shredding & Encryption

webclient-secrataSecrata is the only Enterprise file sync & share solution that provides true end-to-end shredding and encryption for ad-hoc sharing.  Share sensitive data outside your network with vendors, partners and mobile employees with confidence.  Secrata ensures that the enterprise can share and receive data securely and without any added complexity to the workflow.

Secrata protects your data from all SSL/TLS exploits.  New vulnerabilities are discovered to this aging protocol every day, putting your data at risk.  The enterprise data is protected from these attacks whether you’re sharing data inside or outside your organization.


Secrata webclient

Secrata Web Client Provides:

  • In-browser shredding and encryption of your data
  • Upload, download, and edit data using native applications
  • Data is wiped from the machine; NO residual data is left on the machine
  • Drag and drop files to workspaces
  • Securely create messages in workspaces
  • External accounts automatically created and audited
  • Support for any file type