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29 May


security – 4 – policy

May 29, 2015 | By |


Policy Compliance

Secrata’s policy compliance engine is a flexible, powerful toolset to ensure that enterprise security policies are enforced. In today’s BYOD (bring your own device) environment, Secrata ensures that all file and data sharing activity complies with enterprise security policies. This means that applications and users can access, manage, and share data safely, across cloud services and from any device. Security policies can be applied using role-based access control with privileges assigned by group or on a per-user basis.



Secrata features analytic capabilities for all file and data transfer operations. Data set and file metadata are tracked each time Secrata is used for file movement or management. These metadata are descriptive of the file itself and of the operation performed. Full audit data may be exported into different reports and into third-party data analysis and visualization tools. Metadata sets can be created and sorted by user, user group, file, and registered device. Operating in tandem with Secrata’s policy compliance engine, these data analytics capabilities form a powerful tool for enterprise IT and Infosec teams.

Secrata also offers plugins to multiple data repositories and cloud storage services, and the open API provides an easy way to integrate existing infrastructure assets and customize workflows.